Romantic Cozy Indoor Shoot : Develop Retreat : New Waverly, TX

July 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

It is full on summer here in South East Texas. It is so hot that I burned myself on my seatbelt getting into my car the other day! I thought this week is the perfect week to show you the indoor stylized shoot we did at the Develop Retreat for Photographers this past January.

For a full intro to what the Develop Retreat is about read my blog post here. There is another Develop Retreat coming up in September in New Waverly, TX. If you are a photographer this workshop is a life changer; I can not recommend it enough! For more information about the retreat and snagging a coveted spot visit

Katie and Devin were the perfect models; their love for each other is so apparent, sweet, and endearing. The talented team of Sunkissed and Made Up did Katie's make up and hair; an effortless bronzed freckled look with side swept waves. Gorgeous! All that was needed were a few cozy blankets, tons of pillows, and two people that love each other.

Let me set the scene for you by transporting you to a cool pre-spring morning...

You wake up naturally, no alarms or early plans on this cool, crisp Saturday morning (this is pre-kids of course). You roll over as your man enters the room with a fresh cup of coffee and he sets it down on the nightstand. You sit up and take a sip. He knows you too well, one sugar and a little cream, just like you like it. He plops down on the bed next to you puts his arm around you and opens up the morning news (on the iPad realistically) You sit there just snuggling and drinking coffee in bed. 

This is the vision that the we sought to capture in this shoot. A romantic, cozy session that highlights those memories that seem mundane at the time and preserve them forever.

Develop Retreat: Cozy Indoor Stylized Shoot Develop Retreat: Cozy Indoor Stylized Shoot Develop Retreat: Cozy Indoor Stylized Shoot

What a fun shoot this was! I hope that as you continue during this hot and muggy summer you remember these times in your own relationship. Make time to slow down and enjoy these moments; however perfect or imperfect that looks in this season of your life. 

{very} Warmly, 



This is such a beautiful shoot!
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